Thanksgiving.  The one holiday that I cherish the most probably because it is the big grandiose celebration of the fall-- my favorite season.  Yes, Christmas and New Year's Day are very special but in my heart, the one I look forward to is Thanksgiving.  It is many strange for some people to learn that we celebrate Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico even though it has nothing to do with our culture.  Consider it part of the assimilation process a country goes when it is a commonwealth.  ;-)
There are many reasons why I love Thanksgiving-- from the food to the football and the funny family dynamics.  It is no wonder there are so many hilarious movie scenes and television sitcoms that center around this day.  This weekend, mom and I were talking about Thanksgiving memories and in my case there are two particularly memories of Thanksgiving that always stay with me.  First is the Macy's Parade.  And how can it not?  This is a child's dream come true and it grows with he/she as they become adults.  I never miss the Macy's Parade not even when I lived in Europe or when I was deployed.  It is tradition!  Oh Lord, nothing makes me more excited with joy like the appearance of the macy's Santa Claus.  The inner child in me just comes out.  And not surprisingly, my other favorite centers around the Macy's Parade.  It is what I call "The Story of the Red Mittens".
Even growing up in the island, our big tradition on Thanksgiving was watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.  When I was about 6 or 7 years, I remember seeing this little girl on a float wearing a red coat and red mittens. And I became obsessed with getting red mittens. My parents thought I would forget about it but I bugged my parents the weeks after the parade.  They tried to explain to me why we did not wear mittens in the island but I did not want to hear it.  I wanted some red mittens.  
In my 7 yrs. old mind I thought that since my parents dropped the subject, they did not care about my feeling.  Why could they not understand that I needed those mittens?  So imagine my surprise when on Christmas Day there was a pair of red mittens under the Chris me a pair of mittens (i don't even know where they got them) and I wore them for days... in a 90F degree weather. My hands were hot but I was so happy with my mittens that I did not care.  Imagine this gangly girl in a jumper at the beach wearing mittens.  Actually, I believe the end of the mittens came when we went to the beach and I decided to swim in them (I know, I had issues back


This story actually starts on Thanksigiving but goes through Christmas.  But I love that memory because a) it shows why I am still obsessed with the Macy's parade and b) I love that my parents realized the importance of that little pair of mittens for me and how much happiness it would bring me.  They tell me that I really did not pay much attention to the other gifts which is shocking because I loved Barbies and Santa brought me a few that year.  To me all I cared is that I had the mittens.  Goes to show that is often the little things that bring the most joy to a child. 

Alright friends, I am off to North Carolina tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my family so I will be gone from the blog most of the week.  I do want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving full of love, fun and food.  :-)  May you remember in your heart the things that bring you happiness and be thanful for the little things that make life oh, so wonderful.  Love ya, dolls!

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Hello friends! Welcome to "What We Love {Canine Edition}, a once a month post where I will showcase our favorite pet products of the month. These are all products that as a dog owner I have used for my dog, and more importantly that he likes and approves of. A way of keeping you informed of great dog products in the market. 

This month we are starting to feel the cold weather already and as you know my Jack is a a senior dog with neck muscle and arthritis problems. The cold weather is not kind on his joints and muscles yet he loves the snow. These products have helped me with ensuring he still enjoys the outdoors while protecting him.  

This boy also loves to eat but he has Irritable Bowel Disease and he is always having tummy problems even though he is on a special diet for this.  Between supplements and treats that are high quality, these products help mitigate the "gulpies" and tummy problems.  Here is what we love about these five products. 

Have you used any of these products? 
If you have-- did you like it or not?